Hot water meters

Heat - Hot water meters


Modular single-jet cold or hot water meter with magnetic transmission DN 15 and 20 mm

Aquarius is a single-jet meter designed to measure cold and hot water in collective housing systems. It is EEC approved Class B in horizontal position and class A in vertical position, depending upon its nominal diameter. Magnetic transmission offers the facility to isolate the register from the hydraulic components. The register can be turned to make it easier to read the index. As Aquarius belongs to the modular concept, it can be equipped with the pulse emitter Pulsar and connected to the Izar radio reading system, the Draco dosing device.

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Hot water meter

M-TXKA is a B class multi-jet meter with magnetic transmission. Both the horizontal and vertical versions may be used in hot water up to 120°C. It’s fitted with a pulse emitter, and can be combined with Pallas, Calec and Mimas heat calculators. The M-TXKA meter withstands high temperatures. This means that it is perfectly suited for heat metering purposes.

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Υδρόμετρα τύπου WOLTMANN για ζεστό νερό και για υψηλές παροχές.

The Woltman meter is designed for measuring volumes of hot water (max. 120°C) in main pipes.The impeller centre line is parallel to the pipe. It offers low resistance to the passing of water. This considerably reduces head loss. These meters are equipped with a rotating register with magnetic transmission as a standard feature and can be fitted with a number of types of pulse emitters even after they are installed.These meters are fitted with reed pulse emitters.The measuring chamber can be replaced at all times without removing the meter from the pipe.Woltman meters can also be connected with several air-conditionned thermal energy calculators.

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