Achaiki Oreichalkoyrgia


Achaiki distributes a complete range of reliable water meters (DN 15 to 600 mm; velocity and volumetric technologies). From the sub-meter to the bulk meter, all Achaiki’s products benefit from up-to-date technology which is the fruit of constant, in-depth research and high quality manufacturing from our distributors.


Achaiki and Sappel are the pioneers in the area of radio reading of meters; Sappel designed and released the Izar radio system in 1997. The System range makes it possible to read meters remotely and manage them, for distribution purposes and in industrial applications alike. When you choose Achaiki, you benefit from proven experience to provide the optimum response for meeting all consumption tracking requirements.


Achaiki has entered the heat metering market. Achaiki offers a complete solution of integrators and hydraulic sensors which allow optimizing the metering of heat.


Achaiki with Sappel can offer a range of modular meters with functions that can be extended by simply clipping on one or more additional devices (pulse emitter, radio etc.).