History of Achaiki Oreichalkourgia

Achaiki Oreichalkoyrgia

Achaiki Oreiharkourgia was founded in 1984 at Patras, by the businessman Mr John Adamopoulos and its primary activity is the exclusive supply of hydrometers all over Greece, owing at this point a large piece of the Greek market.

In 1991, the main offices of the firm are transferred in Athens, while Achaiki becomes the leader in the hydrometer market by conquering 45% of the Greek market.

Achaiki becomes one of the basic providers of hydrometers in our country and cooperates with the largest water utilities as EYDAP, EYATH and other DEYA.

It has the exclusive representation of three of the greatest brand names of the world in manufacturing products concerning water.

At the same time, Achaiki’s activity is expanded in plumping and at sanitary ware, winning over in a short period of time, a very important piece of the market, in these majors too.

Today, Achaiki Oreiharkourgia, part of a company group, with its 25 years old experience and its highly educated and experienced staff, consists a perfectly organized and effective firm in the hydrometers’ market and the plumping market, concerning sales and also technical support and information.

Prove of the successful course of Achaiki and the guaranteed cooperation is the expanding at Cyprus and the Balkans where it promotes its products and its daily increasing dynamic.