Activities of Achaiki Oreihalkourgia

Achaiki is in the marketing, distribution, and service of water, industrial, and heat meters, as well as remote reading systems (AMR).

Metering of water:

The range of water meters distributed by Achaiki is wide in terms of technology (velocity, volumetric) and size (DN 15 mm to 600 mm).

Metering of industrial liquids:

The metering of industrial liquids of all kinds and viscosities is possible, with a wide range of industrial meters. These meters are especially sturdy and provide particularly reliable measurements.

Metering of heat:

To optimise the metering of heat and A/C energy consumption and production, package solutions are provided by Achaiki such as heat calculators and hydraulic sensors.

Remote reading:

Achaiki is also distributing remote reading systems (ARM). These systems complete transmission either through wires and telephones lines, or using the radio technology. Achaiki provides a full package such as equipment that may be used for index transmission, radio reading, flow rate analysis etc...


Achaiki with the collaboration of Gerris a department of Sappel which is specialised in services that relating to the distribution of water and heating. Leak detection and diagnostic surveys can be used for potable and waste water networks. Gerris works with local governments, water and heating distributors and industry in the European market. Gerris is specialised in leak location (water and heating).

Achaiki Oreichalkoyrgia